Brought to you by Spotless Innovations, Inc. the Personal Car Spa is a portable solution to a spot free wash and rinse every time you clean your vehicles. Perfect for all types of vehicles and surfaces!

INTRODUCING the Personal Car Spa


Wash your car with spot free water every time.  Keep your paint sparkling and your glass crystal clear. 
You can also use the spot free water in your wiper fluid tank for a spot free  windshield on-the-go!

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The Personal Car Spa  is for more than just cars! Perfect for cleaning RVs, motorcycles, boats and ATVs. Protect the pristine  finish on your vehicles with spot free water and no more towel drying!



Clean hard-to-reach windows, garage doors, siding and more with our multi position sprayer.  A spot free rinse means no more squeegeeing! Use to clean mirrors, glass and windows  inside your home, too!


Perfect for camping!  You can use the Personal Car Spa for cleaning  camping  gear , a  refreshing outdoor shower or rinsing off the family pets.  Completely portable for using off-the-grid.