Not only is the Personal Car Spa the perfect item for the private car enthusiast, it is the ideal addition to any commercial vehicle dealership. Just imagine how your daily vehicle washing routine would change if you no longer had to towel-dry every car, truck, RV or ATV.

Now imagine your commercial building...and all its windows.

  • How often do you wash them?

  • Does your business look as clean and cared for as you'd like?

  • Are you paying someone to clean and dry your windows?

The Personal Car Spa MAX (PCS Max)

The Personal Car Spa Max is now available for commercial use in sizes meant to fit your exact business needs. Our standard PCS MAX unit has a capacity of 80 gallons and is ready to wash and rinse multiple cars, trucks, ATVs, RVs and even windows.

The PCS Max can be custom sized to fit whatever job or application you may need. Please contact us to discuss how the PCS Max can help your business.