The Personal Car Spa removes minerals and solids associated with traditional hard water, thus eliminating hard water spots and the damage they cause over time.  The Personal Car Spa can be used on any of your vehicles! And... there's no more towel drying!  

In addition to offering a perfect car washing and rinsing solution, the Personal Car Spa is great for many cleaning projects inside and outside your home.

Producing incredible, spot free water and offering an adjustable spray handle and an in-line chemical solution container (controlled by you),  cleaning has never been easier.

  • Simply add car washing soap to clean ALL of your vehicles!

  • Add household bleach for cleaning the exterior of your home!

  • Use an all-purpose cleaner to tackle the engine and rims for your vehicles.

  • Clean those hard to reach high windows or tall RV's from the safety of the ground, without the worry of spots or the need to hand dry.

Accomplish all of this with the self- contained unit by simply connecting to your water supply, plugging into a standard wall outlet and you are ready to go!

And if you choose an "off-the-grid" lifestyle, the Personal Car Spa can go with you! Weighing less than 25 pounds when empty, the Personal Car Spa offers additional accessories allowing you to use our 12-volt battery or car adapter to run the unit!  Clean your outdoor gear, vehicles or have a refreshing, outdoor shower. 

Our desire is for  YOU  to win the battle against hard water spots, whether you’re cleaning your vehicle in the driveway or  your RV in the mountains!  The completely portable Personal Car Spa will change the way you clean!