Are you annoyed by hard water spots on your vehicles & windows? 

Do you rush to towel-dry before the water drops dry? 

Do you know hard water spots can actually cause damage over time?

Utilizing our 35+ years of experience in the water treatment industry and our desire to solve every vehicle owner's problem, we created the Personal Car Spa. This innovative new product eliminates the frustration caused by hard water spots and streaking that occur while cleaning your vehicles or other surfaces in your home.

The Personal Car Spa takes the hard water from your hose and uses a series of filters and a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane to remove the total dissolved solids.  This creates a tank of purified water that can be used to wash and rinse your vehicle.

The Personal Car Spa utilizes the newest technology, all- weather materials, and solid construction to provide you with a dependable product and years of  spot-free water.  Until now, the only way to avoid spotting was to immediately dry your vehicle with a towel or microfiber cloth before the water drops evaporated.